Everything is Thunder

In June, we all got letters that the city would be doing work on our street. Nothing happened.

In July, the tiny flags appeared along with a lot of cryptic spray painted codes. Nothing happened. The tiny flags and cryptic notes had appeared before with no results.

In August, I came home to this after school one day. They built a moat with a terrifying bridge.


There was another letter implying that eventually the bridge would go away, and I would have to park on the street until the new cement cured. Until then, every entrance and exit from my driveway was a crap shoot. Would I go nose first or ass first into the moat?

There were a couple of close calls. I am not a precision driver.

Today when I got home, the moat had been partially filled in, and the steel plates were laying all over the street instead of creating bridges. The result? THUNDER!

Every time someone drives by the house, there is a double “thunder clap.” Based on the low-belly greeting I got from Olivia, its been a stormy day. She has retired to the bathroom, possibly for life.


I’m sure the city has received stranger complaints.


4 thoughts on “Everything is Thunder

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