Potato, Not Potato

I had to revise my “farming” plan this year. I knew that you were supposed to rotate the planting location of potatoes in order to avoid mold and disease, but I missed the memo on potatoes not being allowed to be in the same bed as tomatoes. Oops.

I think this is incredibly non-intuitive because they rhyme and therefore should co-exist. Nothing rhymes with orange which is why they are the loneliest fruit.

I purchased sweet potatoes and little purple potatoes. Most of them went in to two big planters at the front of the house, and the rest went in to the tops of my water barrels. The experiment began!

The sweet potato vines are still going, but all but one of the purple potato plants had to be harvested. The results from the planter were….meh. One small serving of tiny roasted potatoes.


They weren’t even purple inside.

This morning I realized that I needed to dig out the potatoes from the rain barrel lid. I did not consider that digging these up would mean fishing around under all of the other plants in the lid until I felt things that seemed potato-like. We all, of course, understand that blindly sticking your hand into things and rooting around typically has disastrous results.


I’m going in!

The dirt was pretty well held together by all the little root systems. Hopefully the other plants were not horribly traumatized. I was surprised to find that the potatoes had reached close to the middle of the lid from their plants at the edge.

I pulled out a few of decent size in comparison to the earlier harvest, and then I latched on to one that seemed exceptionally large and firm. (oh no!)

When I pulled my hand out, I thought I was holding a tennis ball and could not figure out WHY or HOW it ended up in my rain barrel garden. Brain finally translated the bright green “ball” into a black walnut most likely planted by my gardening partner Mr. Squirrel.


I left the walnut in the yard for Squirrel to relocate.

p.s. The sunflower jungle was having a particularly stunning morning.


6 thoughts on “Potato, Not Potato

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