Sunflower Fail

I left for a few days for a camp, and my awesome cat sitter sent photos to reassure me that all was well.

All was well with kitties, but her photos accidentally showed me that all was not well outside. The first photo just hinted at it, but the second confirmed that my DIY sunflower anchoring project had failed.


It was rainy and windy the morning that I left, so the weather may have pushed it over the edge. Maybe the squirrel can’t deal with success and has to sabotage his work. All I know is that the snapped off base of  a sunflower is gross and gooey inside.


I didn’t uproot the “stump” because the roots are surprisingly big and it smells like poop with a touch of “something died here.” However the helpful skunk tore the shit out of it the other night at midnight.


6 thoughts on “Sunflower Fail

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