This is gross

I have convinced my cats that they live in a high end spa where I cater to all their fancy cat needs. They have sparkling fountains, windows with entertainment directly outside, and pillows fluffed daily.


And cat grass.


Yes, I paid $3.99 for cat grass. It makes them happy and I don’t have to do anything but water it which kind of becomes the problem here.

As part of spa maintenance, I sometimes set the cat grass, which is just wheat grass that really strange humans make smoothies out of, in the sink for a soak.

Earlier last week there was a blade of grass peeping out of the drain. I pulled it out and assumed that I had washed it off after being in the yard, or that my house guest had something really weird going on. Whatevs…

I did not get suspicious until the second blade appeared.


It had a root system.

The wheat grass seeds are not well attached in the cat grass pot. They lay on top of the dirt to do their thing. So when I gave them a soak, some escaped into the drain where there was enough moisture and organic sludge for them to start a life.

I feel that this reflects poorly on the cleanliness of my household. Birdie finds this hilarious.


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