DIY, Garden, Why?

The squirrel is in charge of planting sunflowers. He does a helluva job!

Last summer, I could barely get through parts of the garden because of the mass of sunflowers.


It was beautiful and mildly frustrating, but I was able to donate a bunch of the cut flowers to a cat shelter fundraiser so that was nice.

This year, squirrel has been a little more selective in his planting so far. I can actually walk through all parts of my yard and garden. HOWEVER…

He continues to selectively plant the largest sunflowers closest to my patio where they can obstruct my view and potentially dislodge the patio bricks.

For example….


When this tree sunflower was about four feet tall, it was bent over by weather/squirrels so  I anchored it to what I considered to be a relatively heavy ceramic pot with a convenient handle for tying rope to. It helped to straighten it. Briefly. (FYI: Sunflowers refuse to be propped up. They are difficult.)

The sunflower is now a good foot or two taller than me and is dragging the ceramic pot off of its ridiculous clay feet. I don’t know where the sunflower thinks it’s going, but I can’t stop it. I’m not the boss of it!

The flower pot was my last reasonable and sane anchor.

As Sherlock Holmes says, when you’ve done the one thing that seems super sane to you, but probably kind of weird and unnecessary to someone else and it doesn’t work, it is now time to do something completely irrational and inconvenient that everyone will regret later.



This will end well. I will not clothesline myself at all.

I can’t wait to look out and see a squirrel on the rope!


7 thoughts on “DIY, Garden, Why?

  1. What a helpful squirrel! When I was growing sunflowers, the squirrels would eat all the seeds, nut plant them! We used to have a neighbourhood sunflower growing contest. I won one year with a 13 foot flower. 😉

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