Motivation Zero

This is me today.

Melted Miles

Last week I went for ridiculously long walks, attended yoga classes, and even did yoga in a stadium with hundreds of other people. I also woke up every morning stiff and achy, making the “uugghh” noise with every movement.

This weekend, I had a friend visit child-free. We ate good food, looked at art and books, shopped, and even saw a play. We’ve heard that grown-ups do this type of thing.

Miles is certain that all visitors are meant for him.

But today I was done. My friend left and I was out cold within the hour. I napped hard and, of course, not a single cat joined me until I woke up. Post nap, I could not get myself motivated to do ANYTHING. I found myself zoned out in front of HGTV as minutes wasted away.

Finally, I got outside where I tended to a rose with black spot, battled Japanese beetles, and added at least a few more steps to the FitBit. I trimmed the garlic scapes so the garlic bulbs would thicken.

And I assessed the squirrel’s sunflower.

Then I figured out how to do this:

I probably qualify for another nap.

2 thoughts on “Motivation Zero

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