Damn squirrel kids!

We have a juvenile squirrel who is- I hate to be this obviously punnymaking the cats nuts.


This photo even captures the glint in his/her eye!

He (no idea but going with “he”) is consistent in his visits which are loud as he thrashes around from fence to feeder to tree etc… Being quiet is not on his skill list yet, and he falls off whatever he’s climbing more often than not.

Yesterday, he had Birdie racing window to window as he alternated feeders around the house.

IMG_0902 copy

Even Sookie was up in furry, frustrated arms!


“Squirrel, I am talking to YOU!”

Sookie rarely has anything to say, but yesterday the squirrel had her fired up.

I think this translates to: “Get out now! I am a tiger who will eat you!”

With a angry follow up (She learned the banging on the window and profanity from me): “I said get the fuck out NOW!”

Today he was back in his usual spot on the fence and I happened to be in the  yard doing my morning perimeter check. He hid when I approached, hanging upside down on the other side of the fence.


He thinks I cannot see him.

Wanting to see how stealthy he would be, or what would provoke him in to biting me, I took some paparazzi style photos over the fence.


Squirrel booty

This did not last long and he ultimately fled the camera. He’ll be back.


13 thoughts on “Damn squirrel kids!

      • I adopted my cat and he was “pre named” Sook. I didn’t want to disrupt his identity by renaming him. I looked up Sook online and it means herb in Korean … so my cat was essentially Herb. I don’t know how he got his name, but the owner was getting rid of him because they had dogs who didn’t like him and her father was superstitious of black cats.

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      • Yeah, VaGina … not so much. I think I should have renamed Sook because it was lame to continually explain why I didn’t rename him … not sure what his new name would have been.

        After he died … he was estimated to be 17-18 yrs. old. … I got another black cat that I renamed from the humane society. I called him Teddy. His nick name is Teddy Bear. Just something special about black cats. ❤

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  1. As I was reading your post I heard something outside that sounded like an animal hissing and I thought oh great, I read a post about a squirrel and end up with a hissing creature to torment my cats! Thankfully, it ended up being a guy walking by blowing his nose…

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