Cow Poop and Come

Things have gone horribly wrong at Grammie’s house. It started out all happy flowers and “yeah, nature!”


But went downhill pretty quickly.


How does she know it’s a baby? If it just shed its skin, that means that it is now bigger!


Well, it’s probably going to latch on to her big toe because she is clearly wandering around without shoes. That will be hard to explain to the EMT’s.


Oh, wait! There’s a toad! It is not big enough to kill anyone! Tragedy averted! Although it will probably be eaten by the “baby” snake.

Oh, motherfucker, what is this nonsense!


She’s surrounded! It’s times like this that I’m glad my sister is 10 minutes away and I’m 150 minutes away. I’m also thankful when their text conversations eliminate me having to put any effort into thinking about a blog posts. Thanks, weirdos!

I’m unclear on whether or not the smell in the air was related to Grammie being surrounded by shedding snakes. Also who wants to see their Grammie/Mom talking about cum?

IMG_0629 copy

Goddamn chestnut trees.

9 thoughts on “Cow Poop and Come

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