She Sees in Rainbows

Birdie was on drugs for a while because her hoo-ha hurt. It more or less came down to a UTI caused by the invisible stressors that only cats can see. So she was on antibiotics, painkillers and briefly an anti-anxiety med that we will not be revisiting.

Much as she loves getting high on the nip, she does not enjoy the vet induced high. It makes her wobbly, super grumpy, and she refuses to just sleep it off. Instead she camped out on the kitchen treat/nip toy and saw the world in rainbows. She was so high that I was able to photograph it. There’s probably a ghost in there too.

So high.

She made me think of the Rollng Stones song: “She’s A Rainbow.”

Meanwhile, Miles wanted treats and the Bird was exactly where the treats go, but she could care less because this was not a munchy kind of high. Miles sensed that there was something wrong, so he had to get treats via a sneak attack.


Birdie can barely be bothered to even think about treats.

It’s as if I starve him. All thirteen pounds of him.


Finally it was down to one leftover treat inconveniently placed in front of Birdie who had zero interest in it. Miles cannot live if there are unaccounted for leftovers.


It was hurting his soul that there was a treat just sitting there. I tried so hard not to laugh as the drama unfolded.

Yes, he finally got the treat. The Bird is finally done with all of her drugs and all bits and pieces seem to be working.


Your face when you are pooping and peeing pain free.

13 thoughts on “She Sees in Rainbows

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