She’s Excited to Save!

I think at this point, we mostly assume that one company sells our info to other companies or that certain actions somehow put our info on a company’s radar. For example, I recently got a new insurance quote and now my mailbox is overflowing with an onslaught of insurance offers from other companies. 

Birdie recently got a human medication prescription filled at Target. Target pharmacies has melded with (bought out by?) CVS pharmacies. 

And just to be clear Birdie is a CAT. 


However, today she got mail! She’s super excited to start her prescription savings!

Suck it, information sellers! Birdie doesn’t even get an allowance. 

10 thoughts on “She’s Excited to Save!

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  2. This is hilarious!
    Also, I HATE the whole “sell people’s info to other companies” bit. For example, I’m an infertile young woman who really would like to have children. I also happen to have 11 nieces and nephews, as well as several friends who are also parents, so I’m constantly buying kid stuff, which results in companies sending me e-mails or actual mail or targeted online ads about how I, as a mother, should buy stuff for my children.
    Nope. Not insulting, frustrating, or heart-breaking in the slightest.
    (Insert rage emoji here.)

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