6 thoughts on “How National Hug Your Cat Day Went

  1. Yeah. That’s about how I imagined this holiday would go. They might as well have named it “Get The Shit Scratched Out Of You By Your Indifferent Cat” Day. I’m a cat owner. I’d still be all about it.
    Love the blog, btw!

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      • I look like one of the Bolton’s Flayed Man victims right now. But that’s not because I tried to hug one of my asshole furbabies. I know better than that. We got rid of our (insanely old and tattered and uncomfortable and all-around-horrid but well-loved) couch, and I had to drag Khaleesi (our littlest furbaby) out by her feet. I bled for an hour. (P.S. Yes, I’m a Game of Thrones fan.)

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