Two Things to Start the Weekend

1. I don’t think there was supposed to be that much fire.

This was a mild version of the inferno.

I grill, but I have never actually grilled a hamburger or bacon before. I’m usually more about fish and vegetables. In retrospect the accumulated bacon grease combined with flaming hamburgers was an unfortunate combination. People I sent the photo to expressed concern.

By some miracle, the burgers were actually cooked without becoming charcoal. Also,my eyebrows are still intact.

2. I would be okay with taking an unsupervised shower.

My assistants.

I don’t really know what they expect to happen, but they have to check out the tub seconds before I’m ready to turn on the water. It would be one thing if they had dialed “9-1…” with a paw hovering over the next “1” on their tiny cat phones just in case, but they don’t seem that prepared.

More judgy really than anything.

“Oh, my! You’re nude!!”

5 thoughts on “Two Things to Start the Weekend

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