Happy Cilantro de Mayo 

At some point today, someone reminded me that it was Cinco de Mayo and I was all like,”TACOS!”

But no one was free to seek out tacos with me, and the restaurants would have been crowded anyway. 

Thankfully, cilantro re-seeds itself and mine was not waiting on the “don’t plant until Mother’s Day” rule. 

Right there in between my two glorious rows of garlic. There’s even a little leftover horseradish popping up. 

The cilantro reminded me that I had shrimp and onion. I needed to run an errand so it wasn’t a stretch to grab an avocado, a lime, and some other impulse vegetables: asparagus,beets, and jicama. Jicama, is that a veg or fruit?

Google says veg. 

The cilantro and lime met the avocado. Everything else hit the grill. 
My experimental dessert was grilled rhubarb from my garden. I grill peaches and blueberries by making a cup out of tinfoil and adding brown sugar and lemon juice to the fruit. It sits on the upper shelf of the grill and bubbles into a saucy delicious mess while the rest of the meal cooks. I guess it ends up sort of like pie filling sans the pie crust. 

Same results with the rhubarb, but it needed a piece of shortcake or something to cut the tartness. 

7 thoughts on “Happy Cilantro de Mayo 

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