Just So You Know I’m Alive

I sometimes get text messages from MomBert that look like this.


The “Ooh” is to indicate: “Hey, that’s kind of gross, but cool for Aunt Becky. Bummer that the locusts are coming this year.”

“K” indicates that I am still alive, but did not have anything pressing to say, plus I was already late for the party I was supposed to be attending.

MomBert interprets a day without obnoxious cat pictures from me as a day that I have spent trapped under something or otherwise incapacitated.

Because I was in a hurry, the cats were doing nothing adorable besides being underfoot, and I am a brat, I sent her an incredibly boring cat video of Birdie at midnight.


Here are some cat pictures just so you’ll know that I’m alive today.


8 thoughts on “Just So You Know I’m Alive

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