That time we survived 1999

My friend Susie played “Darling Nikki” and it was dirty, but delightful because we were in high school some time in the late 80’s/ early 90’s. My musical upbringing did not include such things. Dirty, but dance-able was alluring then much as it is today. I’m going to blame her for introducing me to a lot of stuff like that.

Somewhere in 1991 my friends and danced ridiculously in a dark kitchen to “When Doves Cry.”

How many times is too many to watch Pretty Woman at a sleepover and think that Julia Roberts singing “Kiss” in the tub was awesome and hilarious? ( Just at guess, I’ll say once might be too many)

We partied with him playing “like it was 1999” because it was 1999 and all the computer experts were telling us that world might explode because of some poorly planned zeroes and ones. Pj’s, wine, and when the lights didn’t go out at midnight, we celebrated surviving by running around the front yard in the snow.


I need more wine and board games in my life.

May 1998, I got to see him in concert. I came home from a day of teaching, to a ringing phone. You know, back when phones were attached to walls and I had to be home to make contact.

My friend Jill was shrieking on the other end of the line :”I won tickets to see Prince!!! Wanna go??!

Of course I wanted to go! The catch was that the concert was that night, a week night, a school night. I was young, I could do this. I dumped my school bag, grabbed my ho fo sho clothes, and headed north two hours.


I miss just thinking I was fat, but actually being relatively hot. Also having the ability to stay up until like 2 a.m.

We may have been somewhere near the nose bleeds but we had a direct view down on to the stage from the side. The Artist, I don’t remember if he was a name or a symbol then, started an hour late, leaving us listen to some Sly and the Family Stone members. But once on stage, oh my. Prince was a nimble little minx. I know I’ve said that about Bret Michaels, but no one can move across a stage in high heels like Prince. (Maybe Tina Turner IDK)

He sang all his Prince-ness and then some. Towards the second half of the concert, he pulled some women on stage to dance. They danced, they crawled, they….oh dear…At the end his voice whispered over the PA, “Meet me at The Mecca” which was a popular club at the time.

I crashed on Jill’s couch for about two hours of sleep, got up way before any sane human, and got on the road for a two hour drive towards a full day of teaching. Ah, to be twenty something. There’s always something surreal about being up and in a city before everything wakes up. It’s quiet, there’s barely any traffic, and there are remnants of the night before.

As I drove down High Street, I saw one of the remnants of the night before bedraggle and strutting her stuff down the block. Me and the dancing girl that Prince pulled on stage doing our respective walks of shame.



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