Spring Break: The Recipes

Mid April, our spring break is just a distant memory which also illustrates how I think about things to write and then promptly procrastinate when shinier ideas come along. Of course, I thought I would do my usual teachers gone wild spring break posts, but…..it’s mid April now.

Whatever. Let’s think about food.

At the beginning of the break I traveled to exotic Southern Ohio to see the family. As is our habit, we made s’mores. MomBert always has the ingredients on hand which is perfectly logical for when your 42 year old daughter comes to visit.

It was ridiculously cold because how else would Ohio treat spring break? So we experimented with something that MomBert saw on t.v.

Toast marshmallows over gas flame. I guess a few seconds in the microwave if you’ve got electric.

Roll toasted marshmallow in prepped melted chocolate and crumbled graham crackers.


We could not get our chocolate to be as creamy and pliable as the t.v. chocolate, but that didn’t stop us from eating two each.

In my own home, I experimented with a recipe that a friend posted on Facebook. (See, that’s what Facebook should stick with: recipes and cat pictures, not random memories!)

Deep dish pizza via cast iron skillet!


425 degrees for 25- 30 minutes.

The first time I made it, I burned the Hell out of the crust that was over the lip of the skillet. The second time, I kept the crust within the rim and got better results.

Both of my pizzas came out kind of juicy because I like adding vegetables.However they were delicious, heated up well the next day, and because my cast iron is well cured, clean up was easy.

I could pretty much eat pizza or tacos every day.

Birdie sensed that I was putting some slivers of leftover ham on the pizza and zeroed in. She’s such a carnivore.


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