Dante’s Disco Inferno

Tis the season for pointless drama, humping, and formal wear. My girls have been in a tizzy for weeks and that’s just over when and where they’re taking pictures.


Counting the proms I went to in high school, I’ve probably been to something like 20 proms at this point in my teaching career.

Expert prom level? Yes.

At this time of year, prom coincides with reading The Great Gatsby.  I tell THE PROM STORY with Gatsby and advice to the children in mind.

Do they want my advice? Absolutely not. But it’s there anyway.

  • It’s still just a high school dance. Stop getting involved in drama and have fun.
  • Don’t go to a strange and “fancy” restaurant. It will take too long, cost too much, and maybe the night when you’re all wound up and in formal wear is not the night to experiment with foreign foods.
  • Let’s be real. You’re going to take off the 6 inch, sparkly, hooker heels five minutes in to wearing them. They’re a trap.
  • Don’t do anything that you couldn’t take a…

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