Pets just want to help. Unfortunately, they want to help much in the same way that a toddler wants to help rewire the electrical outlets in your house, or help put away gigantic, freshly sharpened knives. In other words, their intentions are good, but we all know that the road to Hell is paved with those. 

Olivia Wigglebothum, Fashion Police, dragged another article of clothing in to the living room tonight. Her choice was a cardigan that was in a laundry basket full of clothes destined for donation. Her focus seemed to be the tag which must have been sticking out of the hamper in an alluring way.   

I’m unclear if she was helping by agreeing that this sweater should indeed go to the thrift store:”Good choice, Mum!”

Or if this was a plea to save the sweater? “You need to wear this EVERDAY!” She just wants to help me look good. 

How does one explain to the dear little meowstache that this sweater has seen better days? I didn’t wear it that frequently and the colors are hard to coordinate. Plus it’s size, and my size are no longer truly compatible. How do you explain that to someone who barely wears eight pounds on her fat days?! 

This is not for cats?


Here Olivia is helpfully reminding me that the ironing board and the associated sewing project have been sitting out for a really long time. So long that perhaps they are now for cats?

She is helpfully pointing out that even though I tell myself I’m going to work on this project, other things seem to take priority. I’m mean it’s only been in the works for two years.

***side note: It has not been sitting in my living room for two years. It comes and goes as the mood strikes. 

8 thoughts on “Helpful

  1. Cats just like to be helpful! My cats like to hide anything I leave out… which is very helpful in reminding me to never leave anything out!

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