“Puppy Love” is still bestiality.

Always a fan favorite as conferences and Valentines continue to collide.


I Heart You! I Heart You!

I work with a bunch of perverts. Not sex offender level perverts –we’re not allowed to gain that level, not that we’re trying or anything. We’re just your average over-educated nerds who like words and are fucking filthy immature assholes. It might be our escape method. We do spend our entire work day editing our language and holding back our personal opinions so sometimes we have to blow off steam and just say:



“Blow job.”



There are three routinely rough days in our year: Open House and the two parent-teacher conference nights. All three take the regular work day which starts somewhere around 5:30 a.m. and tags on about six extra hours. Not only have we expended resources teaching and putting out fires on those days, but the extra six hours requires our perkiest, high-energy, “There is still hope for your child” dog and…

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2 thoughts on ““Puppy Love” is still bestiality.

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