Caturday Cartoons are on


They don’t mind the junco and squirrel characters, but they are terrified by the doves. Too big?

My mom’s kittens have a completely different network to watch.


p.s. Anyone else frustrated with the new publishing screen or am I just an idiot? “We fear change!” I can’t even figure out how to add a link back to a previous post because it doesn’t key word search the posts.

8 thoughts on “Caturday Cartoons are on

  1. Nice shot of the deer! In addition to crows, starlings, sparrows and squirrels, we have raccoons and skunks who occasionally pass through the yard and coyotes within a few blocks, which is why Ariana is only allowed outside during daylight hours – much to her disappointment in the winter. Unfortunately two of her encounters with birds left the feathered ones dead, although she did get chased by a parent crow in the spring when she got too close to a fledgling!

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