They Probably Do Want Some Water

Student 1: ” I REFUSE to go to a college here. I want to go to [insert name of expensive college whose out-of-state tuition would cripple a small country’s economy].”

Me: “Well, people in Hades want ice water.” (See that’s me self-editing and not directly swearing at a kid. Yea, me!)

Student 2: “That’s sad.”

Quizzical looks all around. 
Student 1: “Why is that sad?”

Student 3: “Yeah, why?”

Me: “You know the follow up is ‘People in Hades want ice water, but the cubes keep melting’?”

Student 2: “Well, that’s just really sad.”

Collective “Why?” from all others present.

Student 2: “Because some of them don’t even get clean water.”

Student 3: “OMG! Hades as in HELL not Haiti!!!!”

Me: “Well, I guess the saying works in that case too.”
Next up, sensitivity training for all involved. 

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