When Kittens Think of Murder

Pretty sure we caught Tilly in the act of smothering GGK.

“Hey, Tilly, whatcha doin’?”

Find the second kitten.

Perhaps GGK had bitten docile Tilly on the butt one too many times.

GGK:”It was the Dukes. Gahhhhh”

Tilly:”There is nothing to see here. Move along and refill my food bowl. ”

Choke hold.

GGK out!

Meanwhile my idiots are channeling Ross Geller and yelling about their kar-rah-tay and “Unagi, a total state of awareness.”


P.S. GGK is fine and was purring the whole time she was being smothered. Whatever floats her kitten boat. 

all good


5 thoughts on “When Kittens Think of Murder

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