There’s a Stink Bug on Your Star

1. It’s 60 degrees and sunny which only seems nice if you’re the type of person who jets off to warmer places to specifically escape the cold. I want to wear a sweater and mean it! 

My family buys flannel pj’s every year to wear on Christmas morning. We take ridiculous group photos then unwrap presents. Tomorrow we’ll wear the pj’s  like costumes then unwrap ourselves because we’ll be sweating our balls off. 

2. Presumably tied to the freak show warm December weather, we had severe thunder and lightning along with rain. The while package that Olivia Wigglebothum had no interest in opening. She spent the evening freaking out. She blames the Krampus.   

3. There is a stink bug on the tree topper, hanging out on the top spike.  I don’t know what else can be said about that. 

WTH, Stinky?

4. It’s GGK and Tilly’s first Christmas! Kitten photo shoot!

GGK tried to escape while Tilly gnaws on the tiny wreath.  Then enter the singing, vibrating, dancing animals that my mom seems to have on hand for every holiday. 

  The best photo is when they both turned with disgust/confusion on their kitten faces. Not quite ready to go back to the cat shelter, but…….  

….and to all a good night. 

Happy Holidays to all regardless of climate change, insects who dreamt of the moon and landed in the stars, and feline photo fails. 

7 thoughts on “There’s a Stink Bug on Your Star

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