Cat Cloning on Clearance

Miles grew another cat. I always knew this day would come. Somehow the cat flavored dust bunnies would unite and…BOOM! New cat!

He's not thrilled.

He’s not thrilled.

His new buddy seems less fully formed and more spider-like than cat-like, but that’s what you get when you buy your cloning technology at 75% off on the after Halloween rack at PetSmart.

However as long as we’re going to create a cat homunculus, we might as well give it some super powers. Like lasers!

Laser cats!!!

Laser Cat Twins Unite!

Laser Cat Twins Unite!

Why not? We like Andy Samberg and Bill Hader a lot, but the internets have made it virtually impossible to find a shareable video of the SNL Laser Cats skit. So we’ll back track to laser cats on a budget and the most wonderful cat loving engineers ever.

However I did not torment Miles with costumes today because November 8 is his Adoption Day. His day looked a lot more like this:

Sun-spotting and thinking sexy thoughts.

Sun-spotting and thinking sexy thoughts. No lasers required.





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