Sad Halloween: Mermaid

Sad Halloween. Because the morning after is never pretty.

This looked better in Splash.

A mermaid trapped in a bathtub?

Over Prince Charming? I never even got to wear expensive shoes.

Dried scales and washed up dreams flushed quite literally down the drain.

****So really I wanted to shoot this in a kiddie pool in the backyard, but no one had one.

Fishy selfie

Fishy selfie

The bathroom was a bit cramped and I couldn’t get the angle I wanted because the door opened the wrong way. There was a fleeting thought while staring at the hinges of taking the door down. Fleeting.

This was ok-ish in the end. My tail was restrictive so there was no hopping in and out of the bathtub to reset things. If I couldn’t reach the camera from a  seated position in the tub, then the picture wasn’t happening.

Yes, that is a fish pillow that I hollowed out a part of and installed a zipper in to create a purse for this costume.

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