Happy Halloween: My Cats are Terrible Pumpkin Models

The one time of year that I'm a major artist.

The one time of year that I’m a major artist.

There’s something satisfying about gathering a collection of knives and then eviscerating an unsuspecting gourd or two. Ah, Halloween.

Of course, I feel that my creations could only be enhanced by adding my cats in to the mix even though they really question the importance of Halloween.

Olivia Wigglebothum was game…sort of. Olivia and Halloween do not have  a good history. At least her tuxedo reflected some of the light instead of turning her in to a black blob. Unlike Miles.

Don't sniff the fire.

Don’t sniff the fire.

It is in the “I Own a Black Cat” contract that I am obligated to pose Miles  with Halloween implements. He doesn’t totally love costumes although he is not opposed to them if treats are involved. The next easiest step is asking him to stand near a large fruit (I looked it up: fruit).  AND LOOKING AT THE CAMERA.

We are challenged by the backyard and our attention span.

We are challenged by the background and our attention span.

Somehow his cat Spidey-sense tells Miles the exact moment to turn his head as my finger presses the shutter. His psychic abilities are stunning. He has no idea when to move so I won’t step on him, but he can totally tune in to the minute function of my iPhone.

Add in the challenge of trying to capture the glow of the pumpkins plus the velvety plushness of my house panther, and I pretty much maxed out my storage with crap photos. I even withheld dinner until we were done; kept him focused.

Our best try.

Our best try.

14 thoughts on “Happy Halloween: My Cats are Terrible Pumpkin Models

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