My Reach


I’m waiting.

I’m supposed to throw the mousie that Olivia Wigglebothum has fetched, but I’m four feet away in another chair camped out with a book and coffee.

I feel guilty because I know that she will wait patiently for me to play and she has done an excellent job of placing mousie on the chair seat. Sometimes if I am sitting on the couch, she will hop up and drop mousie beside me, but I guess that doesn’t work when I’m in this particular chair.  Cats and spatial reasoning.

4 thoughts on “My Reach

  1. I bought little mice for my cats like that once and I’m pretty sure one of the cats tried to eat it – it looked like he was really trying to figure out how to swallow it since he couldn’t easily chew it up. They also started to growl at each other to get it – they don’t normally fight over toys, but apparently that little mouse was too “real” in their minds and they didn’t seem to consider it as a toy. That’s really awesome your cat actually plays fetch with it!


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