Catzilla! rowr.

There is a giant lizard loose in my kitchen!

Catzilla slides in to the shadows of the kitchen table.

Bring me a village to crush, and treats. Yes, lots of treats.

 -Catzilla. Rowr.  

Catzilla doesn’t care what he’s wearing as long as there are treats.

Rowr. Catzilla will climb the You Don’t Feed Me Anymore stool in a single bound.

I tower over you pathetic human , rowr.

I am the all powerful Catzilla! My ego knows no limits! Rub my tummy! rowr.

The ladies were not as empowered by their costumes. Although Birdie was sort of okay with being an “ittle punkin.” Thanks, Target $1 bin.

11 thoughts on “Catzilla! rowr.

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