Tooth Tuesday 2

Coming home and realizing that it’s Tooth Tuesday after the first day back at school is hard. It would be easy to say, “Well, maybe we’ll make it Tooth Sunday instead.” I’m already exhausted and my Fit Bit seems to think that I only took 5000 steps today instead of the 500,000 that it feels like.

I even passed up ice cream after being rerouted by Jeni’s on my drive home. That ice cream could have been easily rationalized as “Survived Day 1” ice cream.

Woe is me.

“Woe is me,” moaned the cats since I swore that I would make this happen, grabbing the closest tiger cat and calico to start.

It’s best when you can get them in multiples.

Carrying 20+ pounds of cat.

After her brushing, Birdie opted to stay in the bathroom and hang in the tub to watch the action. Miles decided that “hiding” in the tub with her was a great decision even I was a foot away and could totally see him.

Do not look at the cat behind the shower curtain.


The Bird is ashamed for Miles and his poor hiding skills.


3 thoughts on “Tooth Tuesday 2

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