My Squirrel is Being…

a real dick.

SOMEONE likes to pick my tomatoes, eat half, and then leave the rest behind. Sometimes this SOMEONE leaves the tomatoes half eaten, but hanging on the vine. This makes for a thrilling squoosh when I reach in for what looks like a perfectly good tomato.

I was ready to place all blame on the skunk and possum that cruise through the yard every night. Even the groundhogs because I’ve watched them stand on their back legs to sample my tomatoes.

However these critters were just being set up to take the fall.

Total patsies.

Total patsies.

The game camera revealed the real mastermind behind the taste testing.

Oh, I couldn't eat another bite....of this one!

Oh, I couldn’t eat another bite….of this one!

Today though, I feel like he’s just showing off. Total dick move.


Really? Thank, Squirrel.

10 thoughts on “My Squirrel is Being…

  1. Some of our local squirrels chewed through our cable line, down to the center conductor, messing up the connection almost to the point of not working. Squirrels are one step above rats in my book.


  2. They stash things like that up in trees, usually. It’s so that they don’t get all dirty and covered in bugs in the event that the squirrel wants to finish it later. Probably why they are eating fruit off the vine, too: It’s cleaner that way 🙂


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