Should I Feel Guilty?

Miles has been camped out on my lap for almost two hours while I’ve had my coffee and read. We haven’t gotten to do this for a week because I was on two different trips. He needed Mommy & Miles time, and I needed to enjoy a book. I always travel with a book, but activities and being exhausted at the end of each day cramped my reading style this time. 

Trapped under a panther.

Unfortunately, I’ve reached the point where I can feel time slipping away before I need to seriously start thinking about that place that I go to and that work that I do. It feels like I should be occupying every minute with SOMETHING. By that my mind means something more legitimate than reading with a cat on my lap. There are any number of projects to be finished, laundry to be done, yard work, errands etc….. But I’m willing it to rain (the yard needs it now) and once I displace Miles to go pee (2 hours plus coffee), I may very well keep reading.  

I’ve been marked.



5 thoughts on “Should I Feel Guilty?

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