How Do I Tell Her?

How do I tell her that maybe it’s time to let the boxed community go?

I love box.

I love box.

That it’s been in the living room for weeks now. That I haven’t been able to sit in the red chair for ages.

Certainly I have other places to sit, but she has other places to lounge.

How do I tell her that sometimes I need to appear to be a human who hasn’t let her cats completely dominate her  house and her life?

There will be other boxes. Maybe not as big as this box which is what happens when Amazon sends you a wall clock AND a new high-sided litter box. There are plenty of other perches perfectly angled for bird watching and observing the lowly creatures wandering around below.

Is it the height? The texture? The fact that it seems to be HER box since nobody else has taken a real interest in it?

Maybe on the next recycling day.

That gives her more time.

Sweet, sweet box.

Sweet, sweet box.

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