Unconditional love? Sure.

Especially when she just got nibbles of the fatty edge of prosciutto.

A crap ton of judgement? Absolutely.


I question your life choices.

I’m minding my own business, simply sitting here working on some jewelry and waiting for dinner to bake. (I make the cats dinner every night. You would think that at some point they would pool their resources and make ME dinner.)
She is sitting a foot away staring at me.



She does not want petted. She has not said anything.

I can only assume that she dislikes my choice of Sharknado 2 as a viewing option. She is unmoved by the number of cameos. She will not consider the inside joke of having Ted Striker (Robert Hays) of Airplane flying the crashing jet in the opening sequence.

She may have shaken her head just a bit when I set the DVR to record Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! 

What, cat?! What already?


Her ” I hate Sharknado” face.




5 thoughts on “What?!

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