I still have work to do at the computer and I find myself more and more trying to do it during Olivia Wigglebothum’s “nap time.” See, I don’t need human children!

If she’s awake, me sitting at the computer is a signal to fetch mousie every 5 seconds, then cry and claw my butt if my reaction time is too slow.

Fortunately, Miles is helping me this morning.


Blocking access to Mom.

Usually his version of helping means squishing on to my lap and grinding his teeth against my hand while I try to type or use the mouse.

I cannot type like this.

Not that he didn’t try this today.

However since Miles staked out the primo spot on the chair next to me, everybody else has found something else to do. Plus I vacuumed briefly so that all the other cats are off seeking counseling for the trauma I’ve caused them. Miles is so unconcerned with the vacuum that he is actually snoring. His snores are as adorable if not more so than that silly snoring hummingbird that went viral.

Snoring now.

He is not opposed to having his snores interrupted by a tummy rub. Helpful to all.




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