A Place to Rest Your Moisturized Nuts

This seems like a well thought out product and I’m pretty sure I need every flavor. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the flavors are because I kind of blacked out staring at the multitude of tiny squirrels.


Nut flavored?

Nut flavored?

They might be vanilla flavored.

Nut flavored? Walnut? Hazelnut? Squirrel’s nuts? Kind of furry and scented by tree bark and fresh cut grass?

As my sister pointed out, “you get the lip stuff out of their butt!” The tiny squirrel body snaps back and…you get the lip stuff out of their butt. This seems even more awkward than the round EOS lip balms that compell me to make a ridiculously puckered expression to apply.  I guess it’s better than rubbing your lips on a strange squirrel’s nuts.

Yep. Totally need all of these.

I also need this cat that I met today at the shelter. I dropped off some Feast that was Fancy and had to go rub strange heads. She has one eye and her ears were cut off. Stevie has been at the shelter since January. I backtracked to the shelter’s Facebook posts about her; she was in rough shape on arrival. Now she’s a gorgeous little chunk with bunny, soft fur and a tail as thick as my wrist. She was so full of chatty energy. I admire her spirit, and her ability to gnaw on my arm. (If you need her, she’s at Colony Cats and Dogs.)

My other cats disagree with this particular “need.”



5 thoughts on “A Place to Rest Your Moisturized Nuts

  1. I was perusing the comments on another blog and the title of this post jumped out at me like a blinking traffic light. I was intrigued. I don’t want to know what this says about me.

    Looking forward to reading more though!


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