Worth It?

It’s kind of a confused jumble of a Caturday. Today was flea drop day so we ALL hate Mommy. Mommy even hates Mommy right now.

The rest of the morning was the ongoing battle of trying to keep Miles from cleaning the smelly stuff off all of his lady friends and therefore ingesting more flea medicine than he needs. I hate to send him such mixed messages about grooming, but I really don’t think it’s a good plan today!

Stress of flea drop day versus actually starting a flea colony in the house. Worth it.

I'm totally worth it.

Birdie: I’m totally worth it.

I was going to try to go cheer on a friend running a half marathon, but apparently I turned off my alarm and woke up buried under 3 cats (happiness)  an hour later than planned. Sorry, friend! Plan B is yard work. It’s time to re-install the water barrel and both my neighbors are back at their eternal race to see who can mow their yard first, leaving me to look like the slob in between.

Having longer grass, but prettier stuff in my yard: worth it.

Some of the current blooms.

Some of the current blooms.

I also wrote a post about prom- tis the season- that made me really paranoid for some reason. Gut instinct? I did not publish it as thoroughly as I normally would. So if you’re in the mood for weird stick drawings and levels of Hell, check it out and let me know if it was worth it.

Prom does this to your hair. My post may do the same.

Prom does this to your hair. My post may do the same.



4 thoughts on “Worth It?

  1. Personally, I’m a fan of the messy-hair look both for the ease of it and as an old-time punk whose fashion role model was Patti Smith. But the up-do looks very classy! As does that FABULOUS cat shelf!
    I would put one up if I wasn’t afraid it would bring down the wall of our 103-year-old house.


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