Things that don’t seem big enough for their own posts this week ….

….but have made me friggin’ crazy anyway.

*If my body were a country, my biggest export would be urine. Sometimes snot, but mostly urine.

**Why is Gregor Samsa in my house?! He is a burden.


***Hell is having your father text you a picture of a stuffed water loving mammal and wanting to scream back, ” OMG, NICE BEAVER!

but knowing that you don’t have that kind of relationship.

NICE BEAVER!!! I can't say that enough.

NICE BEAVER!!! I can’t say that enough.


He called after he sent this and pointed out that the mount is on wheels essentially making it a skateboard for my cats. 

**** April 15 is Passing the Bucky Day. Only the cool kids get that.


*****I am listening to 75 research presentations this week. My students spent almost a month working on this unit. So far they have ignored any guidance, advice, or models I have given them and seem shocked at my increasing surliness. This is the price we pay to not have to read 75 research papers wherein they would  ignore the same things. At least the presentations are done in 5-8 minutes.

****** I ate floor pasta this week. Floor pasta is what you eat when you dump everything good about your lunch – asparagus, sundried tomatoes, cheese, pesto- on to the carpeted office floor while ranting about one of the 75 presentations that went 4 minutes into your 20 minute lunch and had no citations. You dump the pasta on the floor because the microwave is at knee height and you have to nudge a trashcan out of the way while holding a stack of rubrics to tally in your other hand.

And if we’re all being honest here, I had to scoop the majority of the pasta clump off the floor or eat nothing.

2 thoughts on “Things that don’t seem big enough for their own posts this week ….

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