We’ve Survived the Winter

Last fall I noticed that the greenhouses were stocking pansies in huge quantities just like they did in the spring. I learned that if planted in the ground rather than pots during the cool fall weather, pansies will have time to establish themselves and potentially survive the winter coming up for air in the spring. 

I have a winner!


I’ve noticed other pansy greens emerging with the bulb plants, but this is the only one so far with the gumption to bloom. 

I used the logic of the cool fall weather to rearrange and separate other plants as well. Hopefully they will make it. We seem to have transitioned from snow and ice to “April showers bring May flowers.” But you never know, Ohio can be tricksy. 

4 thoughts on “We’ve Survived the Winter

  1. Were they winter pansies? As a child, one of my gardening jobs was to pick pansies because, like sweet peas, the more you pick them, the more they grow. I swore I would never have pansies as an adult but I have and I like their cheery faces.


    • I don’t know. Everything seemed the same as the spring pansies they put out. Now that you mention it, I’ve never picked pansies. I’ll go through and dead head but not pick like a bouquet. I like their soft face too.


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