Muzak For the Cat

What's with all the noise?

What’s with all the noise?

I caught an interview this morning between my NPR boyfriend Scott Simon, who I always picture as looking like Tim Gunn from Project Runway, and a crazy cat guy Professor David Teie. Long story short, the good professor’s research determined the type of music that would be most appealing to cats which then led him to compose pieces.

I went to Teie’s website to listen to additional samples and to see if I could get a reaction out of my four felines who have shown great distaste for my personal music selections. To me, the music sounds like it would be playing in the background of some New Age shop where crystals for your chakras would be readily available. Maybe with the bird-like sounds (no actual birds were used), it might be playing in the gift shop of  a zoo or National Park. Essentially it is the kind of collection of noise that would eventually make me scream and throw things just to break up the chaos of nonsense in my ears.

My cats seem to mostly agree with me. They did not respond to samples played during the radio broadcast. When I played samples from the website, Miles responded, but only to “Rusty’s Ballad.

However, my research is inconclusive. Miles getting up from his cat bed and jumping on to my lap at the computer might have been a favorable response to the sounds or an investigative venture asking why I was polluting his ear holes.

4 thoughts on “Muzak For the Cat

  1. I read a post about this but haven’t yet played it for Ariana. I was a bit busy trying to get her to come down out of a tree last night! She finally figured out how about 3 this morning after much encouragement from me!

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