Cirque du Squirrel-eil…Genius

Taking his time today.

Taking his time today.

By this morning, the snow that had been showing some patches of ground was replenished with about 2- 3 inches of fresh flakes. Since it’s not terribly cold or windy, squirrels and birds have been flitting between the feeders all morning. I try to position most of the feeders where I can see them through the house windows as well as in spots where the birds will have some sense of coverage and protection. One feeder outside the living room window is in the middle of a butterfly bush. No leaves at this time, but plenty of spindly branches to dart in.

My too-smart-for-his-own-good squirrel has found an entertaining and ingenious way to utilize the butterfly bush branches. (Say that 5 time fast). Whenever I see the branches wobbling, I know that the squirrel is back. He’s learned that the branch under the feeder makes a great resting spot to sit and devour his paw full of seeds.

Normal enough.

Normal enough.

Once he’s finished those, he uses the flexibility of the branch and his muscle power to springboard back to the feeder.

Stick the landing!

Stick the landing!

Cirque du Squirrel-eil

Cirque du Squirrel-eil

At least one foot always maintains its grasp on the branch. He gathers another cheek full/ paw full of seed and returns to resting position.

He's back.

He’s back.

Rest, repeat until the feeder is empty or one of the cats hits the glass and scares him away for 5 seconds.

Miles maintains that he is the real genius. It was chilly at breakfast so I had to break out the fingerless gloves and layer with cats. Miles had layering duty and kept me trapped until the coffee ran out. No squirrel gets tummy and chest rubs.

Squirrel ain't got nothin' on me.

Squirrel ain’t got nothin’ on me.

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