When Olivia Wigglebothum Cooks

Olivia Wigglebothum is in charge of dinner tonight. I heard her yodeling, chirping, and rustling around in the kitchen so something good must be happening. (If you have children/cats, you know perfectly well that nothing good is happening when there is either complete silence or sounds you don’t recognize.)

Yup. She caught dinner.

Yup. She caught dinner.

The mighty hunter has captured a package (totally empty don’t worry) of mushroom raviolis from Trader Joes. She has good taste. I wonder if she plans a cream sauce or just straight olive oil and herbs.

Part of the dinner plan involves racing around the living room. This is the alternative method to making ravioli where the raviolis are gently bruised before boiling.

Hide the ravioli for 3-4 minutes then gently boil.

Hide the ravioli for 3-4 minutes then gently boil.

Any chef knows that a key element to a cat prepared meal is the breaking of the neck. The potential meal’s neck, not the cat’s.

Raviolis killed.

Raviolis killed.

These raviolis are ready to go! Dinner is served.

6 thoughts on “When Olivia Wigglebothum Cooks

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