Snow Day!

Snow day!!! It’s 3:35 and I’m still wearing pajamas! I did put on undies, but no bra; I have limits.

I’ve read for class, graded quizzes, and entered those grades. There’s a blueberry and brie something or other baking. I should probably throw in a load of laundry and/or put away a basket or two of laundry. I don’t mind doing laundry, but the whole folding, organizing, putting it away is an issue. However I’d qualify myself as fairly productive ( for me ) today. The cats have all been asleep since noon and show no signs of doing anything.

Last night by 9:30, everything was covered, but with only about an inch of snow which was not impressive enough at the time to warrant a lot of hope of a day off, especially since it had stopped coming down. Mr. Squirrel spent the day prepping for a snow-pocalypse. I filled all the bird feeders and his corn cob feeder so he systematically started working through that food. However I noticed that he was gathering and burying instead of sitting and eating. He took half an ear of corn within minutes of it being out. I put out a piece of toast with peanut butter which I don’t think he took the time to enjoy so much as run off with it to his storage facility. Maybe he really believed the weather guys.

Mr. Squirrel on the hunt.

Mr. Squirrel on the hunt for a PB&J.

His snow dance.

His snow dance yesterday.

I was as overjoyed as I could blearily be at 5:48 a.m. when the text messages starting coming in that school was cancelled. Fed the cats and rolled back over for  a ridiculously long time. Olivia tucked herself in under my chin at one point which is only a sleep motivator for me. I awoke to the best type of snow day. There was sunlight, a bright blue sky, and the promised 3-5 inches in a pristine  covering of my yard. The squirrel has stayed tucked away all day hopefully with his corn and peanut butter toast, but I’ve had decent bird activity.

The chickadees always seem to be first.

The chickadees always seem to be first.

Ms. Cardinal. I only saw the Mister briefly.

Ms. Cardinal. I only saw the Mister briefly.

Not as sharp as I'd like, but these sparrows were cute in their line up.

Not as sharp as I’d like, but these sparrows were cute in their line up.

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