Cat Resolution #2

Resolve to destroy the hanging plant. Its height taunts us although valiant efforts have been made to leap and climb in its direction. It hangs within inches of our paws presumably laughing in a snarky plant way as we reach out into the void to bat at it.

We resolve to destroy the plant if for no other reason than its awful name: Wandering Jew. What does that even mean? Is it or its origins anti-Semitic? WTF? Who names these things?

Shalom for now, elusive plant.


2 thoughts on “Cat Resolution #2

  1. Reblogged this on Theincensewoman and commented:
    If you do not want a cat near plants. You can use chili peppers. The powder they do not like it and it does not hurt the plant. . Good luck and garden on. Theincensewoman


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