Happy Holidays

To Christmas card or not to Christmas card? That is the question.

Whether tis nobler to purchase a mass produced holiday card, conveniently packaged and ready to mindlessly sign,

or to take arms against a clowder of felines and by trickery and cajoling, dress them?

To scratch, to spit, to hide, to walk backwards

perchance to get treats in the end.

That is the question.

"Oh, no."

“Oh, no.”

Organizing my Christmas card went on the back burner with all the other holiday projects in the hopes of surviving the end of the semester and then being able to get real stuff done. Unfortunately, my procrastination leads me to even procrastinate about fun projects like dressing cats in small dog costumes. I even debated whether it was worth freaking the cat population out for the ten minutes that it would take to photograph them acting badly while dressed as trees.

It was.

Olivia Wigglebothuma and Miles decided that this was the ideal morning to be extra adorable which pushed my decision making over the edge. Photo shoot on.

Trapped under 20 pounds of cat.

Trapped under 20 pounds of cat.

W. Charles Marmota and Ross the Holiday Armadillo were totally in to it. No bad behavior from these two.

"we're ready for our close up."

“We’re ready for our close up.”

Sookie sensed trouble when I put on the Santa hat. She declined to be photographed from on top the furnace, under the table, and crouched behind the bed. I cut her some slack and moved on to, if not willing, at least more compliant subjects.

"I don't do holiday  costumes."

“I don’t do holiday costumes.”

We started with a herd of merry reindeer in the hallway. At first, Miles was resistant, but I think he grew to like his ensemble. Olivia was just kind of like, “Hey, sweet cape.”

"I am a majestic reindeer panther."

“I am a majestic reindeer panther.”

They took five while Birdie recreated her Santa look from previous cards.

"Ho ho ho (help me)."

“Ho ho ho (help me).”

I swear she started purring when I put the beard on her, and it wasn’t even the “OMG I fear for my life” fear-purr. Too bad we had some costume malfunctions with her beard.

Probably high on the nip.

Probably high on the nip.

I can only speculate that Olivia and Miles are incredibly grateful that I not only have two reindeer costumes, but also two Christmas tree costumes. We discovered there was less falling over and walking backwards, if they just wore the trees like capes. Stylish, stylish capes.

"Oh Cat-mas tree, oh Cat-mas tree. Thy capes are unfurling."

“Oh Cat-mas tree, oh Cat-mas tree.
Thy capes are unfurling.”

"I am a beautiful tree!"

“I am a beautiful tree!”

Given enough time, Sookie assessed the situation and determined that I was less dangerous than I first appeared.

Stupid hat!

Stupid hat!

She emerged from behind the bed and allowed herself to be held briefly. I suggested that maybe she try to look like she loves me, but she did not try very hard.

The strangle hold that is my love.

The strangle hold that is my love. The cat that will not accept me.

Eventually it all looked like this.

Olivia's first Christmas!

Olivia’s first Christmas!

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