7 thoughts on “Bathroom Attendants

  1. Yup, I can relate!. Lugosi (all black), Felix (tuxie) and Ladybug (mini crippled calico and the queen of the house) join me every time I go to the human litterbox. And sometimes the others join them. What, you expect privacy when you have cats (or dogs, for that matter)?


      • Years ago in a different house I had to call my cats into the bathroom when I took a shower because otherwise they would open the door and let the heat out. Now I can lock them out, but Lugosi sits at the door and cries until I open the door when I’m done showering. I had one cat 40 years ago (I can’t believe it’s that long ago) who would walk on the edge of the tub when I showered and bite me through the shower curtain. They each have their own quirks – enjoy it!


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