Grading With Cats

1. I could sit on the couch with a blanket for hours without a cat even acknowledging that I exist. However, bring out pens and a pile of papers, and suddenly it’s like I bathed in The Nip. My lap is the only place to be.

2. Take even a moment to consider the ultimate sadness of sitting and grading on a Saturday night, and a cat will appear to further distract me.
Olivia:”I brought you the mousie! Play fetch with me!”

3. Papers will be gnawed, embedded with cat hair, torn and crumpled by frantic paws seeking purchase. Also because Olivia needs to stand on my chest to sniff my face.

4. All papers will be displaced from the lap board in favor of the very judgy cat.

Olivia:”You’re totally wasting your jellybeans on this grading crap.”
Me:”You may be on to something.”

3 thoughts on “Grading With Cats

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