Break the Internet With

my pussy…cat.

She dares you to rub her three orange belly spots.

She dares you to rub her three orange belly spots.

There’s another super model in the house. Birdie’s calendar debut arrived today and she is Miss August which is appropriate given her August arrival in my yard.

Celebrity has made her difficult to work with during photo shoots. She swore she wouldn’t let fame and fortune go to her head, but I’m pretty sure that she was high on The Nip the whole time. I could barely get her to look at the camera. She was all about, “Does August make me look fat? Maybe I should have been more revealing. BRING ME MORE POUNCERS!!!!”

"OMG! That's me!"

“OMG! That’s me!”

It didn’t help that she managed to turn all the other cats into groupies. They all have smaller photos in the calendar, but were Fan Girling/Boying all over themselves to get in on the photo/Pouncers action.

This photo is the visual definition of the phrase “herding cats.”

"What? Where? I can't stand still!!! Squueeeeee!!!"

“What? Where? Look over there! Squirrel??!! I can’t stand still!!! Squueeeeee!!!”

I finally took a cue from Annie Leibowitz: “You don’t have to sort of enhance reality. There is nothing stranger than truth.” Truth is, The Evil Bird digs being in the bathtub. Furry weirdo.

Finally she can focus.

Finally she can focus.

For more furriness and the continued support of furry weirdos, calendars can be purchased through Cat Welfare Association.

*I wonder if the repeated use of the word “furry” will accidentally bring in a crowd looking for something else if you know what I mean. Wink.

**We support totally furry pussycats, not ones that look all weird and Barbie doll smooth. Except for naturally hairless pussycats. We totally support those!

***I am finding surprisingly few cat photos by Annie Leibowitz. What the what?

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