We Hate Siri, but We Love Us

I'll make whatever calls I want.

I’ll make whatever calls I want.

I had my “smart” phone laying beside me exactly where Olivia Wigglebothum thought that she needed to be. I did not realize that Olivia had one hind paw firmly planted on the face of the phone while she was standing with her front paws on my leg until I heard Siri beeping and muttering about voice control. It was all fun and games until Siri decided to drunk dial AT&T. Next on her list: people I don’t want to talk to and 911. Siri has got to be the least useful feature on my phone. If she can find  a reason to randomly call people or blare  a song from my playlist while my hands are full, she’ll do it. If something in my purse touches her wrong, she’ll screech about how she “CAN’T UNDERSTAND” me! Siri, you can’t understand me because you are crazy and crazy repels other crazy!

I think Siri was in league with Olivia. Olivia was just paying me back for carousing with other kitties this afternoon. I took some Friskies and litter to her former shelter. I can’t drop off goodies without stopping to pet the cats. I love the little cat whose face was perfectly divided by the stripe down its nose. It made me think of Two Face from Batman only less evil and gruesome, but more indecisive. Am I an orange cat? Am I a tiger cat? I also can’t stop thinking about the giant tiger cat that purred and nuzzled me unlike my own tiger cat who looks at me like I’m a serial killer. Five is too many for my house, right?

Carousing with strange cats.

Carousing with strange cats.

This week I realized that I could probably wear cat t-shirts for a cause every day of the week. Maybe those will be my pre-Christmas break fashion choices when I need something to keep my spirits up and functional. Holiday light at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday was a Lil Bub type of day. I’m not usually about posting my fashion choices at the beginning of the day because…seriously, who cares and I go to work at o’ dark thirty. However day 3 hair plus the flat iron looked fabulous and selfies from that angle eliminate all chins. Hello, hot stuff!

On a less self involved note, proceeds from Bub’s product sales goes to her fund for the ASPCA. Would you believe that only three kids mentioned my t-shirt? I even refreshed on my Bub info so I’d be ready to answer questions. C’mon, kids!



Admittedly, my vanity was still going pretty strong on Friday which I decided was a Justin Fire Survivor type of day. I love that fluffy kitty. He’s way more uplifting and inspirational than those damn jellybeans! I look forward daily to checking out his cute pictures and successful rescue missions. ADORBS!

Don’t worry. My vanity is worn out and I’m back to cat hair covered fleece pants and bra-less goodness.

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