Day 10: Gpa & WWII

Gpa is still kicking his way through Veteran’s Day this year.


Gma & Gpa July 3, 1945

My grandfather Don Stewart was born in Morgan County in 1922. He lived on a farm half way between Hackney and Reinersville, Ohio. He was the second youngest of eight children. Today, at 90, he is the only surviving child. I sometimes wonder if it is worth making it this far only to see family members, your friends, your wife, all the people who could understand your life experiences, go away.  Mentally he is still sharp so I imagine that these thoughts have occurred to him as well.

Grandpa completed high school and was working on the construction of an airport in Laurel, Maryland when he was drafted in 1942. In Ohio, several boys from around his home were also drafted. One boy from Lowell, Ohio, had never spent a  night away from at that point in his life. It was well into WWII before…

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