Like Soft Things


The cats and I sit silent and still.
Quiet like mice.
No, mice are not quiet with their squeaking, and rustling, and darting into corners.
We are quiet and still like footstools.
Like pillows.
Like soft things that you bump into in the dark without lights.
Without lights. I lit candles.
Candles are enough.
The outside is not drawn to candlelight which flickers quieter than mice.
Outside there is rustling, and darting, and squeaking.
Squeak in delight? Squeak in fear?
Outside there is running, and banging at doors, and shrieking.
Shriek in delight? Shriek in fear?
So we are quiet inside. Quiet and still like pillows.
Like soft things.
Like candlelight.


***So ironically I love Halloween, but hate trick or treat night because I don’t like opening my door to strangers, small children shrieking freaks me out, and the ringing doorbell scares my cats. Like serious cat panic. So on trick or treat I typically work late-ish or find somewhere else to be other than home for a while. The drive home is an obstacle course of darting costumed children. When I get in the house, I do not turn on lights. The cats and function by candlelight until the trick or treating is over. I flipped my kitchen light on tonight without thinking, and the doorbell rang a minute later.

6 thoughts on “Like Soft Things

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  2. I hear ya. I like dressing up the porch all spookyish, but then trick or treaters assume it’s for THEIR benefit. They’re so “Me, me, me! Where’s my candy?” Parents drive carloads of them around in their big ole’ SUVs, so a huge mob of them ascend at once. If someone isn’t in costume, or just smeared a smudge on their face, I bitchily inquire “So, what are YOU supposed to be?” before I give them any candy. I was happy to be out of town this year. (But I have to admit, some of them are freaking cute.)

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